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Ms Gallahan

Who is this cowboy?

Mr Crosthwaite

Who is on that broom?

Mrs Arnold

Let's find out which book Mrs Arnold has chosen!

Mrs Sumner, Mrs Allan, Mrs Nessa and Mrs Kanwal

A lovely story from the Year 4 team!

Dr Cattell

Where will the wardrobe lead?

Mr Headley

Mr Headley's book means a lot to his family.

Mr Owen

Will you join Mr Owen for a fireside story?

Mrs Taylor-Thornley

Bedtime story in Mrs TT's house!

Miss Sehmar

Have you ever heard of Mr Twit?!

Mr Joseph

Where is Mr Joseph's story set?

Mrs Khera

What do you think about Mrs Khera's choice?

Mrs Fletcher

Mrs Fletcher's dog is listening carefully; are you?

Mrs Gupta

It's another classic from Mr Dahl!

Mrs Wilkes

Who is Mrs Wilkes' helper?

Miss Green

What is Miss Green's favourite..?

Mr Boyd

A girl plus an elephant equals an adventure!

Mrs T Jones

Everyone loves a little bit of Roald Dahl!

Mrs Thorp

A classic choice from Mrs Thorp.

Mrs Murphy

What a choice from Mrs Murphy!

Mrs Willmott

Which book will Mrs Willmott is a difficult one!

Mrs C Jones

Mrs Jones shares some of her favourite book...

Interview with Serena Patel

Year 4 were lucky enough to be able to interview a real author! Serena Patel (also known as Alyssa and Reiss' Mum!) talked to the children about her books and her experiences; she has just won the ‘Sainsburys Book Award’ and she has been shortlisted for the ‘Blue Peter Awards’. The children have enjoyed reading the book- it is really funny 🤩

The Boy, the mole, the fox and the horse

Mrs Tilley reads one of her favourite books.